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Sandy's Seedy Saturday Seed Swap

Our first seed swap was a huge success.

93 people attended. 

We had music!…


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St. Thomas Seed Library Launch Event!

It’s finally here!

Do you like eating? Who doesn’t? Do you like paying high prices for imported veggies covered in pesticides? ….Maybe not. So hereSeed Library Launch  is a novel solution- grow your own! And we are here to help make it as affordable as possible by “lending” you the seeds to do just that!

Whether you have a large or small garden, access to a community garden, or even just an apartment balcony, the St. Thomas Seed Library has a wonderful variety of…


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Borrow – Grow – Share: St Thomas Seed Library

Books, DVDs, Free Food…whoah. Let’s take a step back, free food at the library? Well, almost! With the recent rise of food prices, increasing popularity of homesteading and impending zombie apocalypse…growing your own food has never been a better idea in this modern age!

Introducing…The St. Thomas Seed Library! Launching on Monday, February 29, 2016!

St Thomas Seed Library Logo

The St. Thomas Seed Library is a repository of open-pollinated (mainly…


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Number of Seed Libraries in the United States?

Does anyone know the current estimated number of seed libraries in the United States? Where would I find this information?

Thank you!

Gina Marie

Added by Gina Marie Walden on September 18, 2015 at 11:19pm — No Comments

Like a New Year's Resolution: A Target!


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A Blow to Seed Security and Seed Libraries


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PA Seed Libraries -- Help From Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

 Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) is taking up the seed library issue for Pennsylvania.

If you live in PA and

1) Work in a seed library

2) Wanted to donate to a seed library

3) Wanted to start a seed library


and are unhappy with the status quo and are willing to talk to PASA and the PA Department of Agriculture (PDA), please let me know…


Added by Dorene Pasekoff on September 29, 2014 at 2:53pm — No Comments

A GMO Free Los Angeles Is An Imperative

Proving once again that money trumps truth in the pages of LA Times, there is an editorial against the proposed new ordinance to prevent growing of GMO plants in the City of Los Angeles,  Afraid of losing their advertising revenue from purveyors of genetically engineered foods offered to the public without any labeling (which they also opposed, even though the majority of Angeleno's demonstratively support labeling and strive to avoid GMO foods), the LA Times comes down opposing…


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US Seed Libraries Mobilize to Protect Their Right to Share

In June, officials from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture alerted the Joseph T. Simpson Public Library in Mechanicsburg that their seed library was in violation of the Pennsylvania Seed Act of 2004. According to officials, the library would have to follow the prohibitively expensive procedures of large-scale commercial seed companies or only offer commercial seed. The first option is impractical and the second option would gut the exchange of its primary purpose to serve home…


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Commentary from Seed Savers Exchange

This article was emailed to me by the Seed Savers Exchange Newsroom for sharing on our social network. 

Seed Libraries are no threat to agriculture

By John Torgrimson

Recently, state governments in Pennsylvania and Maryland have intervened to prevent the free distribution of home-saved vegetable seeds through public seed libraries in their states, citing legislation meant to…


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Working Toward a National Protocol & Changing the Seed Laws as well.


My strategy when I wrote this Plant your Dream Blog was that seed library leaders could work toward a national protocol, building upon the protocols accepted by the Simpson Seed Library. I realize now that there are restrictive laws in some states such as CA that appear to block seed exchanges….the legal minds truly need to be at work here. For the states that are more lenient, I feel the Protocols need to be developed as well as looking…


Added by Leslie Goldman on August 26, 2014 at 3:59am — 3 Comments

On the interpretation of seed exchange law

The language being used now to interpret the seed laws in each of the U.S. states will set a precedent for the future of seed swapping in the US. Since this has gotten national coverage, and if this is really spreading to multiple states, then how this debate plays out will have broad consequences for interpretations of seed exchange laws. It's very important to keep the values of the movement in forefront of our arguments. It's NOT about whether we…


Added by Devon Grissim on August 23, 2014 at 3:14pm — 2 Comments

Setting the Record Straight on the Legality of Seed Libraries

I'm not surprised to see news about the crackdown on the Simpson Seed Library in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania on The Seed Library Social Network.  We thought regulators over-reached, so three nonprofits that support seed sharing -- Shareable, New Dream, and the lawyers at the Sustainable Economies Law Center -- teamed up to find out.  Here's our legal take on the situation:…


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Seed Library Crackdown

Dear Seed Librarians,

I wanted to update you on the an article that recently came out about the Simpson Seed Library in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania where the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s requested them to comply with a Pennsylvania statute regulating seed distributors. Here is an article, …


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Updated: Are Seed Libraries Illegal?

Recently a story came across our Facebook feed that told of…


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Does US Agricultural Law Mean Seed Libraries Are Illegal?

Recently a story came across our Facebook feed that told of an action taken by the Pennsylvania Dept of Agriculture that seemed foreboding.

After reading the story a number of SLOLA members had a fast and furious correspondence on Facebook supplemented by text messages and phone calls. 



Added by Seed Library of Los Angeles on August 5, 2014 at 2:42am — 1 Comment

Some Salient Facts About GMOs: Addendum

It dawned on me this morning that I had missed one of the most important points that could have appeared in the first post on GMOs.  

Often we hear supporters of GMOs saying things like "What we are doing is no different than what mankind has been doing since the beginning of agriculture."  There is no difference between GMOs and simply hybridizing that anyone has done in the past." 

To say…

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Some Salient Facts On GMO's; Part II, The Human Gut and GMOs

We established in the last post on GMOs that every single cell of a GMO plant has the GMO trait - in other words, every single cell of a GMO plant includes GMO DNA.  When an organic gardener uses Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis don't worry, I can't say it either!) to combat pests, the solution is spayed on the plant in response to insect attacks.  The water soluble solution is washed off when irrigated or rained on and is washed off before…

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Some Salient Facts On GMO's; Part I, Genetics

GMO plants have been a part of our diet since the early 1990's and yet many consumers do not know much about them, despite efforts to pass California's label law and much hollering and shouting in the media.  One of the interesting points in the Proposition 37 (Labeling of GMOs) debate is that the NO side (in favor of NOT labeling GMOs) did not try to sell people on GMOs (like I thought they would), but only denigrated the proposition's wording, or claimed (fraudulently) that GMOs…


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Tip 1: Label! Label! Label!

Learn some easy ways to improve the quality of your labels with this helpful video.


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