Hello Devon,

Great you moved to Switzerland: we need more seed librarians in Europe ;-)  Have you set up a Swiss seed library yet?

In the Dutch speaking part of Belgium our little seed library network is spreading fast: this spring 15 public libraries will be lending seeds using an online catalog and a self service library system, integrated in a popular social network for gardeners: mijntuin.org  Currently we are finishing the production of a seed display with a tablet that will be used to lend seeds.  We are also working on the automatisation of labels for our seeds: once we add them to our catalog a PDF will be generated with the labels that can be printed.

The concept is also growing within many (local) organisations: they are becoming our partners, promoting the seed llibrary, providing volunteers, donating seeds, sometimes even initiating and managing our public seed library,...  Some local organisations are starting seed libraries without participation of the public library, using our free library system elsewhere .  We use popular group boards on Pinterest to share knowledge about seed saving and related topics. 

So Brussels and Antwerp are surrounded and public seed libraries are spreading over Flanders.  In Holland a pop-up seed library has sprouted during the annual harvest festival.  So far 2 other Dutch seed libraries are part of our Dutch speaking network.  These 3 Dutch seed libraries work without participation of the public library.

But what about the rest of Europe?  I haven't found any other public library lending seeds in Europe so far.  Do you know any?  Does anyone?  

Our partner mijntuin.org is setting up communities in other languages: monjardin.org, mygarden.orgwww.mojazahrada.org and soon a German platform.  For now the seed library system is only integrated in the original Dutch site, but maybe that could change over time when all is running smooth here and others become interested...

Kind regards,
Tim Lerno
Bib Londerzeel 

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Hi Tim!

Wow, you are certainly doing some interesting work! I'm excited to go through all of it- I have brought up all the links you mentioned and am now starting to look through them. I just moved to Switzerland this month to start University in Bern. My goal is to start one here, maybe associated with the University.. we shall see! I do not know of any other seed libraries in Europe, that's why I started this group- to generate interested in the task and to gather people. I am really interested in all of the technology that you are using.. I will post a follow-up reply after I've gone through it all.

Looking forward to following your work!




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