Hello Everyone.

We just unveiled our Heirloom Seed Library on March 1st. It's been wildly successful. Being so new, I was wondering, how to ensure the label instructions on your seed packets are consistent?

Some sources will say a particular variety is moderately difficult to save then another will say its challenging?

We have been using the following sources for information on a seeds Latin name, seed saving instructions or planting instructions:


The Seed Savers Website or the information from seed organization we have obtained seed from.

Books Titles:

Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth

Saving Vegetable Seeds by Fern Marshall Bradley

Complete Guide to Saving Seeds by Robert Gough 

As a Last Resource:

Searching the Internet or contacting the local Master Gardener Office

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Dear Gina Marie,

I'm delighted to hear you launched!

I think the plants folks label as super easy (peas, beans, tomatoes, lettuce) will be consistently labeled as such. Some plants will vary in difficulty depending on climate. For example, where I live in California carrots can overwinter in ground and we don't have Queen Anne's Lace, which will cross so for us they are moderately difficult whereas my mom, who lives in Maryland, she would ahve to pull carrots out and store them in sand over the winter and protect against contamination with Queen Anne's Lace so they would be difficult. I know when we made our categories there were some things that we discussed about which category and perhaps now if I were to design it again, I may redesignate some things. For example, we put squash in the "difficult" category. Not that it is that hard to actually do, only that if you don't do the steps you will likely get a cross. So it was more to alert borrowers to use caution when borrowing from those drawers since many folks are tempted to scoop out and share a favorite squash that they did not take precautions to prevent cross pollination.

Rebecca, Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library, Richmond, CA

Thanks Rebecca! I really appreciate your input.

Best wishes.

Gina Marie


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