Does anyone who gets their seed packets printed have a recommendation for a place to get them? In the past we've bought business envelopes, sealed them and cut them in half. I am a middle school teacher and getting volunteers is easy to do, but recently, we've had more and more not sealed properly. It feels like it's time to move to the next level and just get some pre-printed. Speaking of envelope designs, I think the Valley Permaculture Alliance Seed Library in Phoenix, Arizona has some nice things to consider on a seed packet, in particular the right bar. I still like having the seed saving difficulty (super easy, easy & difficult), the hand pollinate (check box) and the population size on the packet. Planting info is not as important to me as a description of the variety. So much to include. So little space. ;0  Well, any recommendations on where to get pre-printed envelopes or even blanks is much apprecaited.

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Sorry the image of the VPA Seed Library packet didn't show in the above post.

I am on the same crusade, have you found a company to order from Rebecca?

Belle Starr from the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance recommended Cambridge Pacific Seed Envelopes. I just sent that request out tonight to her - not having seen your email. How timely is that! 


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