Our team is trying to decide on how many varieties to have for the first year of our seed library.  We have funds to purchase the seeds, but some are interested in keeping it simple (10 varieties) in order to make it easy on our staff and patrons. I would like to include more (25 varieties) to attract a bigger variety of patrons, including more advanced gardeners, and sed savers who might want something unique.  

So my question is, how did you decide how many different kinds of seeds to offer in the beginning of your seed library?

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Dear Brigit,

I would recommend starting with more varieties and keeping them to species that folks can easily save, such as lettuce, arugula, beans for summer varieties and peas and favas in the winter. We have a 3 brochures on 1 page for how to save super easy seeds. If you can't find it on our site, http://richmondgrowsseeds.org then email me at richmondgrows@gmail.com.  Peas, Rebecca

I know this is a year after you posted this, and I hope you had a good first year.  I just saw your post and figured I would respond anyways, just in case you still needed ideas.  We decided based on ease of saving.  We started with Beans, Peas, Tomatoes and Peppers our first year, then added Lettuce and Dill our second year.  Within those parameters, we offered different types of each vegetable.  We also chose within the parameters of what specific varieties of each veggie would grow well in our northern (Duluth MN) climate.  Here is what we ordered for 2015: 

Beans: Jade, Red Noodle, Fortex, Pencil Pod Golden Wax, Black Valentine, Kenearly Yellow Eye, and Calypso

Peas: Green Arrow, Tom Thumb, Dwarf Grey Sugar, Sugar Sprint, and Feisty

Tomato: Currant Sweet Pea, Yellow Pear, Martino's Roma, Amish Paste, Halladay's Mortgage Lifter, Black Krim, and Moskvich

Pepper: Antohi Romanian, Yankee Bell, King of the North, and Jalapeno Traveler

Lettuce (NEW this year): Baby Oakleaf, Rouge d'Hiver, Deer Tongue, and Grandpa Admire's

Dill (also NEW this year): Bouquet, and Goldkrone bunching.  I know we talked about doing Cilantro - but DCGP ordered this for seed so I went with Dill so we wouldn't be overlapping with them in what we've ordered. 


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